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Hey everyone it’s Capri! I’m 20, a college student at Florida State College at Jacksonville, and a Follower of Christ. My passion is to see this broken and fallen world experience the love of Jesus. I was born and raised in a christian home. I got saved at a pretty young age and I’ve gone to a christian school my entire life, and just graduated from there in 2016! I grew up in church and got used to the whole “christian schedule” of going to church every Sunday, going to youth, and every christian event. It wasn’t till middle school where I got pretty serious in my walk with God. I went to Global Youth Camp the beginning of my 9th grade year and that’s where my life truly changed. I rededicated my life and surrendered my life to missions. Since then, I have been trying to dig deeper in the Word and grow closer to Christ. Yes, this Christian life isn’t easy but I’m enjoying the journey.

Hello everyone, it’s Lindsey! Like Capri, I am 20 years old and I attend FSCJ. After getting my AA there, I plan to transfer to UNF to study Social Work. Why Social Work you may ask? – Wellll, because one I feel like it is what God has called me to do. Also, it is my passion to help people who are broken on the inside and out, and make them realize that there is a God that loves them unconditionally and that His plans for their life are far more greater than what they could ever imagine. It is my ultimate dream one day to open up a non-profit women’s and children’s shelter. Also, another dream I have is to one day open up a coffee shop, for helping and employing the people in need. I have BIG DREAMS, but with GOD all things are possible! So moving on to a little bit about my testimony… I was born in a Christian home and went to a Christian school my whole life. I got saved at a  very young and baptized at age 15. Saying that I would like to say that my walk with Jesus hasn’t always been what it should be, even though it may seem like it… I got just a little too comfortable with my walk with Jesus, and didn’t spend personal time with him like I should’ve been. It took me getting to a really low point in my life to realize that something had to change. I realized that I was controlling my own life, instead of God controlling it.  It is so easy to loose focus of Jesus and forget that He is in control when you get in the “routine” of just always going to church. I believe that it is your personal relationship with Jesus that changes the game in your walk with Him, at least it did for me! If you aren’t spending personal time with Him, my prayer is that this blog encourages you to do so.

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