A Beautiful Life, Is A Humble Life

This is something that I think is a challenge for a lot of us… being humble. Recently I have noticed in my life that I am not a humble person. I get upset if something doesn’t go the way I planned, I sometimes bring myself up in every conversation, and I have found myself not really paying attention to what someone is saying, and thinking what I can say next. I know…that is terrible. Maybe you find yourself doing the same thing. My friend, we don’t have to live that way. We can strive to live humble lives together. That is the most beautiful life to live. It also reflects Jesus so much more when you live a humble life, because Jesus was also humble. He always cared for others, put others first, and most importantly, He humbled Himself when he layed down His life for us on the cross. That is the most selfless thing anyone could ever do for us.

When you are with people, let this be your focus: speak nothing about yourself, focus on the person, ask them questions, make them feel special and loved, listen to what they’re saying, don’t think “what can I say next about myself”. Become more of a listener. People love it when someone is truly listening to them. It shows that you care about them. Also, this is another tough one. Stop longing for acknowledgement and praise from others. This is hard because we are humans, of course we want to be praised. A friend of mine, Kayla Bass, put something on her Instagram that was really convicting and so true. “Praise the King that I have a humble, selfless, loving Jesus who lives inside of me, and can overcome those fleshly desires. It’s not “don’t you forget about me” but, “forget about me and see God.””

A lot of times in our mind we think, “don’t forget about me”, or the phrase “It’s all about me”. It’s so easy to think these things because we live in a “me first” kind of world. I don’t know about you, but for me I can get upset when I’m not invited to stuff, or I feel like my friends are forgetting about me, and if I’m not getting any attention. All these things can be upsetting and frustrating, but it’s also selfish. This is something I have been learning so much. Start thinking less of yourself, and more about others. You will have more joy while doing this.

J-Jesus O-others Y-you

Put Jesus first, then others, and put yourself last. Here is your challenge: Focus more on others. Ask people questions. Get to know them and their story. Don’t bring up yourself at all (only exception is if they ask you a question). Don’t long for praise from others. Don’t get upset about the little things. Desire to live a humble and selfless life, and strive to be more like Jesus!

Love, Capri

Verses about humbleness:

Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

Proverbs 29:23 “Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.”

Matthew 19:30 “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”

Ephesians 4:2 “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.”



A Time To Grow

Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog! I’ve honestly been pretty busy, but also I’ve been taking some time off to spend more one on one time with Jesus. I got to the point where I didn’t know what to write about next. When I blog, I like to write about whatever God is teaching me at the moment, and what is on my heart. During this little break from blogging, I’ve been learning a lot and just working on myself more. I’d like to share with you a few things I have been learning the past few months!

  1. Don’t believe Satan’s lies- I will admit, I was believing Satan’s lies. His lies crept into my life. I feel like this is big for us girls, because being a girl can be hard, am I right ladies? I was believing I wasn’t good enough, I would look in the mirror and not like what I saw, and I was just mad at myself. I was mentally tired because I had a battle going on in my head. Satan kept telling me lies about myself and it made me doubt Gods love towards me, and it made me really not like myself. I then had to put my foot down and remind myself who I am. I had to tell Satan that he has no control over my life. I’m just so thankful that I did not have to fight that battle. Jesus was fighting that battle for me. I reminded myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am loved by a King, and Jesus chose death to be with me. When you think badly of yourself, you are basically saying that God messed up when He created you. And He does not mess up. His creation is perfect. If you are believing Satan’s lies like I did, go to the One who created you. He is the One who is control over your life, not Satan. He created you and made you perfect in His eyes. Believe Gods truth not Satan’s lies.
  2. Put your identity in Jesus- I found myself putting my identity in so many things, such as; friends, social media, money, boys, ext. The main thing I was putting my identity in was people. I believed whatever people said about me, good or bad. I was so caught up in pleasing others and wanting attention, and taking to heart whatever was said about me. I cared way too much what people thought or said about me. I had to say um hold on Capri, these people are not your identity. Stop caring what people think about you. You can’t please everyone you meet. I had to give up the fact that not everyone is going to like me. Something I learned is, you should base your life and identity on Jesus because you won’t always have money, or your career, or your friends, or your looks, but you’ll always have Jesus. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” We all need to start believing in what Jesus says about us and not what others think. Don’t let what others say about become your identity. Only what Jesus says about you is true. Jesus says your’e loved, your’e pure, your’e beautiful, and so so much more!
  3. Am I who the person I am looking for is looking for?- Alright, this is the big thing I’ve been learning this year. Around February I made a year commitment to not date and to focus more on God. I recently just ended it because…I have never dated. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity if I have one, and I don’t need a break off of dating because that’s never been a problem for me. What has been a problem is, I’ve been disappointed ┬ábecause I haven’t been in a relationship yet. I see all these couples on social media and get jealous and want that. I’ve been asking myself why is that not me yet? I’ve been in a relationship series in my small group and something we’ve been talking about is, becoming the person who you’re looking for is looking for. It then hit me. Maybe the reason why God hasn’t put me in a relationship yet or given me “the one I want” is because I haven’t made Him “the one”. I realized I’ve been so focused on myself and focused on who likes me or not, when I’m not making Jesus # 1. I need to put away the idols and things that are taking my eyes off of Jesus. And before I get into a relationship with anyone, I need to work on myself. I need to become the person who I am looking for is looking for. I need to stop focusing on when I’m going to get a boyfriend and let God be in control of that area, and spend this time of singleness getting to know Him so much more.

I am definitely not a perfect person, and this is why I wanted to share all of these things with you, because I do not have it all together. I mess up and fail everyday, but that doesn’t mean I stay down. I have to get back up and admit to Jesus that I am a sinner and need Him. What is so awesome is that through all the mess of my life, God has made me blameless in His eyes. There is nothing that will separate me from His love. Now, just because God is grace and loves us no matter what, doesn’t mean we should abuse His grace and just sin all the time knowing that God will forgive. Yes we are going to mess up and sin, but we shouldn’t just do wrong because God is a gracious God. Strive to do what’s right even when everyone is doing wrong. Strive to become more and more like Jesus. When you mess up, don’t stay down, get up and live your life for Jesus!

I hope this encouraged you as much as it did to me! Also, if you have anything particular that you would like for me to talk about, I will be more than happy to! I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Capri