HELLO everyone!!! I hope you all are doing wonderful. It has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post, but today that all changes because I am finally on summer break!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

So, for this blog I wanted to write a little something that will hopefully inspire you in some type of way. So here we gooo!

For me, I have always loved helping others in any way possible…especially when it comes to encouraging and showing God’s love to the world around me. This is the main reason I started a blog, so that I could share what God puts on my heart. It took me a while to actually start one though…before I started this with my friend, Capri, I pondered for a couple of months…Why, you may ask? Well, because I was a little fearful of what people may say or think…I was afraid that my post wouldn’t be good enough, or even be read by anyone for that matter…I then came to the conclusion that instead of thinking these negative thoughts that the enemy was putting in my head, that I simply just needed to get out of my little comfort zone, and (like Nike says) JUST DO IT. So that is what I did, along with the help of Capri! It is one of the best decisions I made! Being the best blog out there doesn’t even matter to me anymore…what does matter, though, is that even if it is just one person, that they will be touched with what I wrote. I get SO happy when someone tells me that my post has encouraged them, even if it is just one person (that, to me, is worth a million people). It is one of the most fulfilling things ever, honestly.

So, on this lovely Sunday, I just want to inspire you to chase after what God may be putting on your heart to do. Whatever it may be, stop holding back and just go for it, because you never know who you may inspire when stepping out of your comfort zone!