Your Name Is Victory…

Hello beauties, Happy Good Friday!!!

This has to be one of my favorite times of the year. All the bright colors and blooming flowers of spring brings me so much joy, but what ultimately excites me about this time is celebrating what Jesus did for me and for YOU (Mark 15).

He selflessly died on that old rugged cross, so that us sinners didn’t have to. He died so that you could live in complete freedom, and so that you could have VICTORY over your past and that it would no longer define who you are. He was whipped and beaten down to his bear bones (literally), made fun of, and spit on so that your sins could be forgiven and so that you could receive His grace. When I sit and truly think about all that Jesus went through for ME, not only does it move me to tears,  but I feel so unexplainably and amazingly loved. It gives me even more of a passion to share Jesus with others, and to reflect Him in everything I do. He paid it ALL for me, so how could I dare just sit back and not share His word and spread His love with others that don’t know Him?! I don’t know about you, but my life would be an utter disaster if I didn’t know the unconditional love of my heavenly Father. So today (and every other day), I encourage you to sit back and TRULY think about all that Jesus did for YOU, and to reflect Jesus and His love in all of your actions because you never know who’s life you could be impacting!



1 thought on “Your Name Is Victory…”

  1. I am finding myself sitting still thinking on HIS LOVE for me and it is so all-consuming!! He seems to be bringing so much of HIS WORD to my heart to ready me to reach out and share!

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